With her powerful and emotive vocals, Masha Alexis fuses elements of rock, blues, and soul to create music that is both provocative, and captivating; infused with somber saxophones and seductive trumpets.

Based in Los Angeles, Masha and her band - The Fam  - are juggling multiple projects as well as preparing for the launch of multiple singles culminating in a new album at the end of the year.

“Our music is all about telling a story and taking the listener on a journey with us.  I truly believe that music, real music, has the power to change the world.  If it’s honest…whether it’s raw vulnerability, childlike innocence and wonder, or a passionate lustful rage. When the music is true, it just feels right.”

Masha wasn't allowed to listen to the radio growing up. Instead, she spent her time listening to old 50's and 60's cassettes and all the vinyl records she could get her hands on. It's no wonder you can hear the flavor of smoky blues bars.  But don't be confused, this band is as contemporary and energetic as they come.

Masha Alexis burst onto the scene last year with the release of her first solo EP, Conkling Street, titled after the street she grew up on in Baltimore. Before going solo, she sang backup on records produced by the legendary Chris Young and Anthony Marinelli. Since the success of her solo EP, the sound has expanded with the new 5-person band they affectionally call "the Fam". 

With artist inspirations such as Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, and Cat Power, as well as groups like Metric, No Doubt, and Portishead, Masha makes music that is deep, politically charged and soulful with a sultry edge.

Masha grew up in Baltimore to Russian parents.  “ I did what all good Russian girls did; I studied classical music.”  Piano from age 4, voice from 7, and dance from 13 years old at the Peabody Conservatory. Although, she was performing in a variety of genres, her first professional gig was as a modern dancer and choreographer with such projects as choreographer for The Express by United Artist Pictures, and Bollydolls: A Live Cinema Experience. She also performed nationwide with the legendary Paul Sanasardo, Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, Kybele Dance Theater, among others. 

Even with this success, she felt unfulfilled. The draw of music constantly pulling her back. Eventually, and with some pushing from her mentor producer Rachael Lawrence,  she returned to the stage as a vocalist. Since that first performance, the momentum has not stopped.

A woman with passion baked into her soul and pouring onto the keys, she dares the audience “try and tell me no”.